Monday, February 9, 2009

Quick Page Freebie

Just a quick post tonight with a quick page using some of the items from my baby kit I'll be posting later this week to the store. I will also have more Baby Themed freebies this week as well.
If you missed the baby buttons you can purchase them at Digital Scrappn Designs. They are on sale for the next two weeks.
Created at 300 dpi, in .png format in a zip'd file
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Hi everyone, thank you for the nice comments and e-mails. Since my button freebie did not get picked up or shown on the blog freebie lists until this morning I'm going to leave the button freebie up until this evening when I post a new freebie.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

CU Button Freebie

Here is an amazing Freebie-not just a sample but the whole CU Item I'm posting to the store this week available for ONE DAY ONLY. After Sunday it will only be available at Digital Scrappn Designs. Six different button shapes in five colours that co-ordinate with my "Baby Kit" coming out this week at Digital Scrappn Designs.

Created at 300 dpi, in .png format in a zip'd file
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You can still purchase the buttons here.
On sale for two weeks for 50% off

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wooden Blocks Alpha Freebie-Blue

Hi everyone, this is the last installment of the wooden blocks that spell out "Baby". If you have any suggestions for freebies you would like offered with a baby theme please leave your comments or e-mail me and I'll work on them tonight.

Created at 300 dpi, in .png format in a zip'd file
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wooden Blocks Alpha Freebie-Lavender

Tonights freebie are the lavender blocks that spell out BABY. Tomorrow's will be the blue blocks. I'm not sure yet what I'll post Friday night for Saturday but if you come back Sunday you will get a SPECIAL FREEBIE that is going to be available for one day only. (think Baby Buttons-Check out the buttons I did for Halloween) If you miss out on the Freebie on Sunday they will be available at the store as a CU item next week.
Enjoy the freebie and thank you for all your wonderful comments and words of support and encouragement while my husband is away on training, preparing for his tour oversea's.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wooden Blocks Alpha Freebie-Green

Well, another day is almost over and coming home to just the kids is very different. Sean left on the weekend for Edmonton and my son Robert who is 18, moved back from his Dads so that he can join the military from here. I expect in less than two months I'll have lost him to the military as well. Its bad enough thinking of Sean going on tour but my son, I just hope they just are not over there at the same time or my Dr will be prescribing LOTS of Valium or something similar. LOL. (For those of you that don't know Sean is leaving this summer to go on tour.)

Quick news regarding some of my freebies...the Christmas ornaments will be pulled the weekend of February 14th and be placed in the store some time after that. I will be posting more alphabet blocks this week spelling out the word BABY, and I will have a special freebie on Sunday February 8th for one day only. (I'll give you a hint-you loved my Halloween Buttons, your going to love these!) I'm also looking for suggestions for baby elements you would like to see offered as freebies or as part of a baby kit.

Here is tonight's freebie, enjoy and see you all again tomorrow.

Created at 300 dpi, in .png format in a zip'd file
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Wooden Blocks Alpha Freebie-Pink

I think you are all enjoying my new Alphabet Blocks. I have heard from a few of you that there is a new baby in the family, so I hope these come in handy. I will be posting five sample sets in Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink and Lavender all spelling out the word Baby. You can purchase the complete sets at The Digital Shop.
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wooden Blocks Alphabet Freebie-Yellow

I'm sure you must have all thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth! LOL, reality is that my husband Sean who is in the military was getting ready to leave for training before being deployed on tour and I was trying to spend every possible second with him as we do not know how long his training may be and when he will be home next.

So I was working on some baby papers and about a week or two ago Atomic Cupcake put a new action for sale on her blog called Wooden Toy. As luck would have it I also had the P22 Font Toy Box Blocks. I ended up creating the alphabet sets in Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink and Lavender: all matching co-ordinating with my baby papers.

Five sets are on sale until Feb. 14th, 2009
Individual sets are available for $1.25

Tonight's freebie are the blocks that spell out Baby in the colour Yellow. Come back tomorrow for the blocks blocks that spell out Baby in another colour.

Created at 300 dpi, in .png format in a zip'd file
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