Friday, October 15, 2010

School Frames Freebie's Set 1

I'm sorry I was unable to post the past couple of nights, I've been busy and then too exhausted. My last post was Wednesday shortly after midnight and I was up at 5AM to drive Sean to work that day. Came home had Sean move the TV up from the rec-room that is now TC's room. We had to move all the furniture in the bedroom and our IKEA shelf unit and ALL the photo's and souvenirs we have collected from various locations. Each shelf is a separate location, place one of us has been or theme. So, we have an Afghanistan shelf, a Russia Shelf, a Holland Shelf, a Caribbean Shelf, a Doll Shelf, a Germany Shelf, Canadian Shelf, A Military Theme self, MacKay family photo's shelf, Kerr Family Photo Shelf and the top of the shelf unit is all the 8x10's of the kids and family. So... I dusted, and dusted and dusted until midnight while re-arranging my living room Wednesday night.

I was up again at 5AM to drive Sean to work Thursday, came home, finished cleaning up the living room, emptied the dishwasher, set the table for dinner and took out the items we would need to make dinner. Then I got Alex up so that I could have her at the Surgeons for 8AM for a consultation regarding her stomach issues. We have decided to wait till her next attack of pain and they will preform a Laparoscopic surgery. We could have scheduled something right away but he figured if we wait till she has pain, they are more likely to discover what is causing her the pain. Then I took Alex to school, went to work, had lunch with my girlfriend Sarah. At 4:30, went to the mall to have photo's made from Roberts Graduation so that I could give copies to his former school principles. Drove over to a woman's house where we had purchased a used upright freezer and paid her for it. Then drove up to the base to get Sean. Came home, started dinner while Sean and Alora headed off for TC's football game. Ate without the family so that I could rush off for 8PM for another Dr appointment for Alexandra up at the base. Thank goodness we now have a family Dr. thanks to the Military clinic opening up to Military family members a few nights a week. By the time I got home at 9PM, I was ready to crash- so that's exactly what Sean and I did.

Tonight was a little less hectic but still busy enough. I slept in this morning as Sean took the motorbike to work. My day was busy but productive. I went to the bank, then the hospital to visit a distant family member-and feed him his dinner as he is unable to eat on his own and swallowing is tough for him, so it was slow going. He didn't eat much and I stayed to read him a bit of the newspaper before heading home at 7. Came home, went to pick up the upright freezer we bought and then watched a movie "How to Train Your Dragon" with Sean, Marc and Marc's girlfriend. It was a good movie-I highly recommend it.So that has been the last few days, I've been busy to say the least and I will likely be just as busy tomorrow. I want to empty our deep freezer and put things into our upright. I'm so tired of loosing stuff in the bottomless pit of a freezer we have. I'd also like to arrange TC's room finally in the basement so that he doesn't have my hope chest or the rec-room coffee table in his sleeping area. We will properly divide the room up for him later so he has more privacy.

Well... I hope you enjoy tonight's freebie. I know it's not the papers I promised you but I needed to get my book from my bedroom with my words for the overlays I had picked out for the Grade 4 Papers and Sean was asleep already so I didn't want to wake him up. I hope you enjoy these anyway. I think tomorrow I will try to get those papers done for you, or perhaps another surprise and have the Grade 4 papers for Sunday night. Well, I'm off to bed, I'm exhausted, please enjoy these.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photo Matte Freebies

I had a great Thanksgiving this past weekend with my family at the cottage again this year. We had a full table with my Mom and Dad, my brother Marcel and girlfriend Karenina, other brother Gaetan and his wife Catherine and son Sebastian. Also in attendance were my Aunt Lois, Uncle Bruce, Cousin Jennifer her husband Jody and three boys, Cousin Rhonda and her husband John and two kids, another Cousin Judy with husband Brian their daughter Lisa and son, and Bet another cousin of my Dad's and of course Sean and I and two of our six it was a big family gathering. Not to mention my parents dog, my brother's dog an English Bulldog Lola, and Gaetan's dog-another Pit Bull named Max.

Here is a picture of the kids from that gathering outside after stuffing themselves full of turkey and pie.

So tonight's freebie are a set of 10 Photo Mattes Jr. Kindergarten, Sr. Kindergarten, PreSchool, Kindergarten, Grade One to Grade Six. The preview below shows some examples of how they can be used. Create a clipping mask using your favorite paper and layer your photo on top, or use a picture. I will be back tomorrow with Grade Four Papers. Enjoy these in the meantime.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh it was a long day and lots of running around with the kids etc. First was work, then TC had a football game against Alexandra's school. So, after the bank, the trip to drop off cheques to one of the business's my boss's own I came home, picked up the dog, drove to the football game, watched the ending. Once we got home I was out the door again with the kitten and Alex to her boyfriends football game. We were hoping to run into his Mom as they may adopt the kitten. Half way through the game Sean called and I rushed back to the other end of town to have coffee with him, only to rush back to the football game to pick up the girls. So that was my day and evening at work.

I hope you enjoy tonight's freebie. I am not sure I will be posting tomorrow because this weekend here in Canada is our Thanksgiving. All three of my brothers should be there with their wives/girlfriends and kids at the cottage.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Number & Punctuation Freebie - Set 2

Another busy, busy day here. Our family has been adjusting to all the changes-Alora had her first day of School. Apparently it was good and she met a few girls that may become friends. Alora's kitten is settling in and enjoying having the dog and ferret as playmates. Half the household is allergic to cats but they don't want to get rid of it.... guess that's what happens when your so cute!

Bullet and the kitten relaxing on the bed together.

The kitten (Slipknot or Simba depending on which kid you talk to) and our Ferret Bing playing together.

Tonight's freebie is the second set of numbers and punctuation. I have one more set coming before the School Adventure series is completed. I will be back tomorrow night with the Grade 3 Elements. It is Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada coming up this weekend so I am not sure if I will be posting every day over the weekend however I will try.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grade Three Paper Freebie & News

So much for life getting back to normal and following any type of routine, we have been kept overly busy with two of our girls. Tanya moved out of her boyfriends place and on moving day there were problems with her ex stealing her dog while she was at school and now she has to take him to court since they lived together the dog is considered communal property even though they only lived together since mid June of this year.

Our other drama was Alora my step daughter. She ended up moving in with us on the weekend unexpectedly (but we are very happy about it) with her very sweet 6 week old kitten. My only problem with all that is that Sean, Marc and Alex are allergic to cats however because the kitten is so cute, no one wants to get rid of it despite their allergies. The dog and especially the ferret love having the kitten around. I have never seen Bing the ferret so happy and playful.

As for scrapbooking news, I have a few items created for the next few days that I will be posting so download the freebies while you can. I have also revealed the contents of "My 1st Grab Bag". The Grab Bag is still available in the stores for $4.50 or you can purchase them individually.

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