Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Number & Punctuation Freebie - Set 2

Another busy, busy day here. Our family has been adjusting to all the changes-Alora had her first day of School. Apparently it was good and she met a few girls that may become friends. Alora's kitten is settling in and enjoying having the dog and ferret as playmates. Half the household is allergic to cats but they don't want to get rid of it.... guess that's what happens when your so cute!

Bullet and the kitten relaxing on the bed together.

The kitten (Slipknot or Simba depending on which kid you talk to) and our Ferret Bing playing together.

Tonight's freebie is the second set of numbers and punctuation. I have one more set coming before the School Adventure series is completed. I will be back tomorrow night with the Grade 3 Elements. It is Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada coming up this weekend so I am not sure if I will be posting every day over the weekend however I will try.

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  1. Thanks the Freebie. Seriously, that dog is gonna kill me, she is just too cute! Have a good holiday - LianeZ

  2. Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

  3. Thank you for these freebies. I love the pictures of the pets. I too am allergic but I think I would let stay at my house too, too cute!


  4. Thanks so much. Those pictures are so cute!

  5. I was allergic to cats too. Then, a little orphaned kitten adopted us, I could not bear to throw it out of the house. Then a few years later I was re-tested for my allergies and guess what: Not allergic to cats anymore, I built up my immune system!! Hopefully that will happen at your household too! Thanks for this cute kit...

  6. Thank you for the numbers & Punctuation Set. I decided to use the kids computer. Google browser still gave same warning but since there system is almost 10 years old and slower than a snail, I figured I could risk it..HeHe

    Love Love Love the adorable pictures!! I bet our ferret Cleo (aka Demon Hunter) would love to play with SlipKnot / Simba
    Unfortunately, we have the same problem with cat allergies.

    Have a Wonderful Day!!

  7. The kitten pictures are soooo cute! Thank you for sharing. I like Simba myself ;)