Wednesday, December 31, 2008

W, X & Z

New Years Eve, I'm fortunate enough to work only half a day and have New Years Day off. I'm expecting my Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law along with Charlotte their daughter today. Love having them here as Charlotte is very sweet and Catherine and I could spend hours browsing the bookstore or window shopping. Enjoy the last of the alphabet Ornaments.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

U & V

Almost done the set and I will be leaving them up so you don't have to worry about my removing any of them just yet. Lots of room on 4shared still so don't worry about them going anywhere till sometime late in January. I'll let you all know ahead of time after that I will put them up in the store.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

P & Q

Okay so I'm cheating since I'm sharing a laptop right now with Sean and the extra kids in the house this week. I've created the remainder of the ornaments Sunday while Sean is swimming with TC at the base, Robert is busy watching TV and Alex is cleaning her room. Wow, silence is golden after the commotion of the past few days. Monday I'm back to work and Sean is off with the kids but has to drive two and a half hours one way to get his daughter Alora and luckily is off the rest of the week with them!

I think I'm going to enjoy being at work during the day!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008


I'm terribly sorry for not posting sooner. I really wanted to get the rest of these ornaments uploaded before Christmas however there were a few problems before the holidays. One major issue became the LACK of a computer. My father wanted to get my mom a laptop for Christmas and mine is only two years old and in good shape so Sean suggested that I give her mine and he buy me a new one since I'm using it for alot more these days. I format ed mine and wrapped it up for her, and then searched high and low for for my Photoshop CS3 disk so I could install it on Sean's laptop. Do you think I could find where I put the disk so I wouldn't loose it? LOL. Finally found it last night and now I can finish my ornaments for you.

I still don't have a laptop but we are going to Ottawa in a few weeks. A weekend holiday before Sean begins training to be deployed. I thought it would be nice to go to Ottawa so that we can use the new climbing harness I got for Christmas and go skating on the Rideau Canal and eat hot Beaver Tails with Cinnamon and sugar. Hmmmm!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holly Jolly Express

Sorry I've been away, life has gotten really busy the past week and have had to be away. I'm participating in the Holly Jolly Express and here are my portions, please enjoy and they will be available until the middle of January.

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Stop 01 - BeaconScrap
Stop 02 - Carolyn Ritter
Stop 03 - Karrie Thomas ofKez Creates Designs
Stop 04 - Crafted by Gina
Stop 05 - DesignsByAmilyn
Stop 06 - MichelleAngeles
Stop 07 - ThrowingSome Scraps Around
Stop 08 - CountryHollow Scraps
Stop 09- ScrapinDaisyfrom Designs by Ruth
Stop 10 - Bits O'Scrap
Stop 11 -
Stop 12 - QueenBratDesigns
Stop 13- Mumure
Stop 14 - FrostedIllusions
Stop 15 - Aussie Scraps
Stop 16 - HutchsBaby Faith inChrist Scraps
Stop 17 - MoveFearlesslyDesigns
Stop 18 - swordascrappin
Stop 19 - Kismet
Stop 20 - Missladyhawke
Stop 21 - The Queen andthe Princess Designs
Stop 22 - Vanjo Designs
Stop 23 - Angi's Place
Stop 24 - SotoCreations
Stop 25 - TheMathematician's Assistant
Stop 26 - Crops2DawnCreations
Stop 27 - S.G.RoweDesigns
Stop 28 - Amy'sScraps
Stop 29 - jaydensmama
Stop 30 - Crystal Jozlin,Crystal's Creations By Design
Stop 31 - Digital Creationsby Amber
Stop 32 - Kitten Scraps
Stop 33 - Grandma Pat
Stop 34 - Grunge andGlitter Scraps
Stop 35 - JIC Creations
Stop 36 - Butterfly Kisses
Stop 37 - Babyyaks
Stop 38 - SimplyBeautiful Creations
Stop 39 - Pretty Scrappy
Stop 40 - TammyJo'sCreations
Stop 41 - CMB Designs
Stop 42 - Christy Skaggs
Stop 43 - SnapScrapCreate
Stop 44 - Believe Designs
Stop 45 - Linda'sDream Designs
Stop 46 - MIP Scraps
Stop 47 - MissErin's Scraps
Stop 48 - WillowRaven atPurple Dragonfly Creations
Stop 49 - DigitalKeepsakes
Stop 50 - Blind SightDesigns
Stop 51 - DreamlandDesigns
Stop 52 - Hummie's World
Stop 53 - Northern LightsDesigns
Stop 54 - DesignZ by DeDe
Stop 55 - twisted angel
Stop 56 - Desert BloomDesigns
Stop 57 - Rachelz_Expressionz
Stop 58 - Creations ByJessa
Stop 59 - Bits'N'Bobs
Stop 60 - Amanda's ScrappyCreations
Stop 61 - Heartfelt Perfections
Stop 62 - Candie
Stop 63 - JustFor You DigiScraps
Stop 64 - CuddlebeezScraps
Stop 65 - Prairie Sage
Stop 66 - Creekside CottageDesigns
Stop 67 - PinkuPixie DigitalDesigns
Stop 68 - Mariscrap
Stop 69 - Marbled Circle
Stop 70 - PandaBear Designs
Stop 71 - Kolor'Scapez!
Stop 72 - Stellarfairiedesigns
Stop 73 - Disaster In Designs
Stop 74 - Danielle [DMKDesigns]
Stop 75 - Katlen Kreations
Stop 76 - Babydoll'sScrapz
Stop 77 - AngelFlower
Stop 78 - Designsby Teri
Stop 79 - SandEzCreationz
Stop 80 - SistermoonScraps

Thursday, December 11, 2008

L & Mele Kalikimaka

I had a request from Leilani who lives in Hawaii for an ornament with Mele Kalikimaka on it which is Merry Christmas in Hawaiian. I'm envious since we have a couple feet of snow and I'm sure she is enjoying the sunshine. I am also posting the ornament with the initial L on it.

I'd like to say thank you to everyone that left comments regarding Alex singing, I still do not have the Video her brother took but I do hope to post it soon. I was so nervous but she did a wonderful job and her friends were amazing. They created T-Shirts with her name and then did posters to bring saying "Vote for Alex" She didn't win but had allot of fun and I believe it boosted her confidence. Which is always a bonus.

Enjoy tonight's freebies and I have more for you tomorrow night.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Bell ExpressVu Ch 247

So there is no freebie tonight as I was busy earlier this evening with my daughter Alexandra. We were at rehearsal for the Northern Ontario Has Talent Competition.
She will be singing Saturday at 2:43PM on Channel 247 on Bell ExpressVu. I encourage everyone to watch and donate to a worthy cause, as the talent competition she is in is part of the CTV Lions Christmas Telethon. Monies raised go towards food baskets that are delivered to needy families in Northern Ontario.
I will be back tomorrow with more freebies as I will have a few hours to wait in the afternoon and early evening before the results are in for the talent portion. I may even video tape it and post on the blog her portion....if I can get it to tape okay.
Thanks and wish Alex luck!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

J & K and Son & Daughter

As promised here are the #1 Son and #1 Daughter Ornaments as well as the J & K Ornaments. Its another snowy day here today, Monday gave us 10 inches and we are expecting 9 more inches today. I'm so thankful that when Sean is deployed next year it will be for the summer months... I'd hate to have to shovel snow for months on end.
Yes, you heard me right, Sean is being deployed and going on tour. That was his welcome home e-mail from his boss's. Even though he doesn't leave until June he will be gone a fair bit starting in February doing training and preparing for his tour. I'm thankful he will be home though in time for Christmas next year as his return date is December 21st, 2009. I think the kids and I can manage him missing Birthdays, Thanksgiving and all the in between holidays as long as he is home for Christmas.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

B D F Ornament Freebies

Here are a few more ornaments as part of the Initials Ornament Series I started. I have a quiet day ahead of me tomorrow so I should have plenty of time to get a few more of these and a few special ones uploaded during the day tomorrow. I'm looking at doing #1 Son and #1 Daughter as part of my freebies tomorrow along with the Initials.

Instead of having the freebies tonight offered one by one in individual zip'd files tonight's are in just one file.

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Monday, December 1, 2008


Just wanted to apologize for no freebie today. I have a migraine and am just going to avoid the glare of my screen tonight. I will post twice as much tomorrow. Thank you for understanding and I hope you enjoy the ADSD Holidays at Home collaboration kits everyone created. I am also going to be participating in the "Holly Jolly Express" collaboration on December 15th so there will be plenty more freebies in the upcoming days.