Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quick Update

Hi Everyone,
I must apologize for not having posted anything sooner, things have been busy here and I have a daughter who is sick and the Dr's can't figure out why. We have an appointment mid July with a specialist to discuss exploratory surgery so hopefully he will figure out what is going on. Since January she has been having pain in her stomach in the exact location of her appendix however blood work, CAT Scan, MRI, ultrasound, etc, etc all show it is not her appendix. It is frustrating as she has all the symptoms of appendicitis... low grade fever, pain, nausea etc. and from February 1, to the beginning of June she probably missed at least a minimum of 20 days of school. She is not in pain all the time, some weeks she is fine, other weeks she is in pain every two or three days. On Monday she was lying in the driveway on the pavement waiting for me to get out to the car to take her to the hospital. The Dr once again wanted to just give her pain med and send her home but I put my foot down and refused to leave as that is all they have been doing the last few times we were there. I indicated that sending her home was just passing the buck to the next Dr and that I wanted to see the specialist we saw back in April who had some suggestions on where to go next if her tests all came back negative. (So after getting the referral, I drove straight to his office and spoke to his secretary who informed me that there was a note on my daughters file at the hospital that he was to be called if she came in again....which they never did.) So she has an appointment mid July with this specialist when he gets back on holidays and hopefully we will get some direction or a solution.
Anyway, I hope to be getting back to posting this coming weekend and move forward on my School Adventure Kit. I've missed designing and everyone here.


  1. Oh Nathalie, So Sorry your daughter is still not feeling well. So proud of you for standing strong. Will keep you, your daughter and family in my prayers.

    Just been popping in from time to time as we have been extremely busy with graduation and graduation parties. But even in the rush of it all, you and your family were on my mind wondering if all was well.

    sending lots of hugs your way, stay strong!!

  2. Sorry for your daughter... Did you try exams for celiac disease? It can give such symptomes.
    I hope for you that she will be better soon


  3. So sorry for your daughter... I hope everything will turn to normal soon. Lot's of hugs,

  4. WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST IN FINDING THE CAUSE. My son had problem with his stomach for his last 3 years of high school. He missed heaps and heaps of school. It doesn't sound the same as he had cramping and would spend half the time on the toilet but then not really need to be there. His diet suffered greatly and it was sporadic coming and going. The doctors tried cutting out preservatives in foods which helped but didn't eliminate it. He couldnt tolerate lots of fibre or fat in anything. It wasn't caeliac although like it. Eventually they did a colonoscopy which found nothing major except it picked up he was lactose intolerant. He had never been earlier and his problems started after a major gastro bug he had. They thought this had caused his intolerance.Cutting out dairy definately made a difference but eventually they settled on a combination of lactose intolerance, irritable bowel and also some problems with anxiety. His doctor tried arapax which eased his symptoms in combination with avoiding dairy and fat. he managed to get though senior and went on to uni and once his life settled down he stopped the araparax.He is 25 now and still avoids lots of fat and lots of chocolate and has lactose free milk but he is fabulous. Sorry for the long comment but if it doesn't help you I hope it may help someone else. Looking forward to her diagnosis and recovery. Just keep pushing.

  5. My prayers are with you and your daughter, Nathalie. I was so worried about you. Thank you for the update.

  6. Thanks for the update and so sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope they can find the problem--it's no fun having sick kids. Look forward to seeing your new kit too!

  7. Get her a full colonoscopy! I had the same issues about 10 years ago when I was in my twenties. I had an ulcerated polyp! If I had let the dr talk me into the in office procedure he would have never found it! I still remember him talking to me and my hubby (BF at the time) and saying he was shocked to find 3 polyps let alone an ulcerated one.

    Good luck!

  8. Hope they figure out what is bothering your daughter. I miss you, hearing about your family and your fabulous digi kits.
    Please keep us informed.

  9. So sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope the specialist can figure out the problem.

  10. So sorry to hear about your daughter. It is really terrible when your child is sick and they can;t figure out what it is. I am glad to see you put your foot down and saw that specialist! Hopefully he can shed some light on this eventually. Keep on persisting to do what you feel is right for your daughter, your health cannnot be important enough!! Good luck for to both of you....

  11. Hope you get the answers you need about your daughter's illness soon. No need to apologize for not posting anything. You just focus on what is really important for now.

    God bless!