Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer and Blog Update & News

Hello everyone, I'm terribly sorry that I have neglected this blog and my customers this summer. I started this wonderful "School Adventure Kit" hoping to have it completed before September hit however with six kids (not all who live at home and have various summer holidays) and family it has been hectic. I would like everyone to know that I will be updating the store items in the near future and will post on here of any major items (like the N-Z collection of Princess & Mischief). I WILL continue the School Adventure Kit beginning of September, and be creating a SPECIAL Coupon for the month of September as my apology for having been away and neglecting you.

I am also going to issue my first PU Grab Bag Mid September-more details to follow.

Other News.... I have joined a new store Ivy Scraps and am hosting a monthly challenge in the forum with a posting freebie. Here is a preview of that posting bonus. It is of a new kit that I will be releasing in September. (I have worked on it one piece at a time this summer.)

I will be updating my site this weekend to reflect the new store with a blinkie on the left and a link to the forum challenge as well.
The store also creates a monthly mega kit which all the designers participate in.... you may be very interested in this months collab called Primary
Currently on sale here for $1.50 till the end of August after that the price goes up to $5.99
Other news... I had a great visit with my son Robert who was home from the military for a week and a half. His girlfriend took the bus to our house...29 hours one way to spend a week with him... I'd say that was love (even if its young love). Marc my 18 year old is currently unemployed. They were doing renovations to the building the Greek Sub shop was in and during this process the workers found a crack in the side wall... called city inspectors .... long story short ..... by 5PM that evening they were told all the businesses had to be out of there by midnight and that the building was condemned. So its been an extended holiday for him until School starts and he finds another job. The dog is making herself at home, and I'm in love with her...Sean and I both. (and here he was unsure about a dog with us so busy.) Alex is busy again with Basketball, TC has made it to his school's football team so I would imagine I will be doing kits this fall with a sports theme at some point. Sean will be participating in a motorcycle rally for a few days.... the Military Police are having their 2nd Annual Bike Rally, going from British Columbia to Newfoundland. Money raised will go to thier charity which is the Children's Blind Fund and Wounded Warriors. I'll post more on this subject closer to his departure date from here in North Bay where he is going to be joining in from. I've been spending the little bit of R&R time I've had reading on my new iPad. I hope to create a few layouts to put on there this winter time permitting. Speaking of Layouts, I have created some layouts using the Princess Items and they can be viewed in the gallery at Ivy Scraps.
Well, see you all again soon... I hope you will look forward to the new freebies in September and join me for some challenges in the forum.


  1. Wow, your Summer sounds as busy and crazy as mine. I was less then 100 miles from the Canadian border this weekend and thought about you and your family.

    So what do you think about that iPad?
    I just got my son's old ipod touch (Alex got a new one from his siblings for graduation) and am giving it a try. Much easier to surf the web with then my Blackberry. I just don't like iTunes.

    See ya in September.

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