Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I will be back the weekend of June 3rd

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that inquired as to where I had disappeared to and worried about me. I am alive and well thanks to my friends and family. I know I share a lot of my life on here with you and I was not really going to share this however in thinking about it I thought yes, it may help not only myself but perhaps someone else out there.

Last Christmas while I was still working on my Mischief and Princess sets, just before Sean came home from overseas I was sexually assaulted and was on serious doses of Anti-Viral medications since we were not sure what diseases my assailants had. I pretty much ignored what happened to me to get through the following months, did not deal with it at all. My life changed dramatically, I no longer went anywhere alone, overly moody and those I would say were the easiest changes my family had to deal with. Now, I am taking an anxiety medication, Sean is teaching me some self defense, I'm finally dealing with what happened to me and life is back on track and I'm ready to get back to scrapbooking.

Since I left half way though my School Adventure Series to deal with all this, I am going to offer some sort of special deal during the month of June for anyone who missed previous freebies for this kit. I am thinking that I will offer the solid colour papers for the first few days and create a bag offering ALL past and June School Adventure items with a Bonus through the stores for about $1.50 until Monday, June 6th, then for $2.50 until the 13th, and then increase the price to $4.oo just before I post the Graduation items.

I will also be accepting idea's for school event's such as Field Trip, Class Trip etc.... as I would like that to be the EXTRA items for this kit and be offered as freebie's as well on this blog once I have all the items to Grade Six and the Graduation Items posted but will not be part of School Adventures Bag. (There will be a coupon however for any extra's I create in this series with the School Adventures Bag if you miss the freebies on the blog.)

Anyway, I have missed everyone and I'm anxious to be back and posting again.



  1. Very, very sorry to hear that happened to you. You are in my prayers as you continue to recover. It is a difficult road.

  2. Yea your back!!! So missed you! You have been on my mind for quite a while and in my prayers. So very sorry that this happened to you.
    I will continue to keep you in my prayers for support and healing.

  3. I've been checking back often to see if you were designing yet and I'm glad to see you again. I wish your absence had been for other reasons, and I'm very glad you're beginning to heal. Maybe the support of the scrapbook community can help a little.

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  5. I'm so sorry about all. I was worried and I've been checking to see if your were posting.
    Keep on going your road. The hard times are back.
    Thanks again for your designs.