Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Series to be offered as Freebies soon!!!!!

Yes, I've been away for much much too long and its going to be a little longer before I get back into the full swing of things as I'm re-learning Photoshop.  My mind decided to take a little vacation and my daughter Tanya tells me I'll get it back soon, but to keep busy in the meantime and suggested I start scrapping again.  Hurray for you and me as I'm finding this very very fun and entertaining and I think I like some of the things I've created recently better than those I'd done before.
As for those who would like an explanation as to my mind taking a vacation... I'm suffering from retrograde amnesia and have been for about a month now.  Its making my work life and home life interesting to say the least and I have a million questions.  Good thing of all this is apparently I had a caffeine habit and I now hate coffee and tea and that is what is really keeping me from crying sometimes when I know I should remember things are the positives in my life.  Other than that I'm absolutely healthy and getting to know my kids as the adults they practically are now.  Its mostly the last 10-11 years I don't remember so its very different not having them all at home, running in and out of the house, asking for drinks, can friends come over, or sleep over to them no longer living at home and half way across the country or world as Marc is leaving shortly for Thailand.  It will just be Alexandra and I at home soon and she seems very independent so Photoshop will keep me busy I'm sure.
So here are a few previews of whats coming up.  Its going to be a series of kits mini kits under the title of This Year in three colour combinations.  Boy, Girl and Neutral.  Kits and Freebies will be broken down into Papers, Elements and Alphabet for each colour combination for each Month of the Year.  Each freebie will be offered for 24 hours the placed into the store at Ivy Scraps for purchase and I will create a coupon code for purchases over $3.75 and post it at the top right corner of my blog below my title bar.  I will not be posting a freebie every day but hope to every two to three days depending on my work and home schedule so you will need to check my blog daily to catch my freebies. 

These will be the colours used primarily in the This Year-Boys Kits

These will be the colours used primarily in the This Year-Girls Kits
These will be the colours used primarily in the This Year-Neutral Kits
The Papers for the month of January will look like these below and subsequent months will be similar.
This Year-Boy-January Papers

This Year-Girl-January Papers

This Year-Neutral-January Papers
I went  a little overboard with the Elements for the month of January, you will get a few more this month than other months and each kit will not be entirely the same but if there are people, or kids in the element pack as there are in January's... there will be five skin and hair combinations and not all will be shown in the previews. 
This Year-Boy-January Elements

This Year-Girl-January Elements

This Year-Neutral-Elements
As for the Alphabets, they will be one basic alphabet in each of the kits colours along with a special alphabet for that month.  For the month of January, I chose a glitter alphabet, next month... it will be something different.
This Year-Boy-January Alphabet

This Year-Girl-January Alphabet

This Year-Neutral-January Alphabet
I chose these colours because they work well together and on their own.  I currently have themes set for each months elements.  February will be love and Valentines Day however not all months will be holiday oriented.  On my list of themes I have Baby, Birthday/Celebration, School, Christmas, Pets, Halloween, Wedding/Prom, Summer Holidays to name a few.  I'm trying to keep this kid oriented as I know most of us scrap our children and/or grand kids.  If you have any suggestions or idea's for elements please feel free to email me at or leave a comment below. 
See you all back here soon! 

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