Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Back tomorrow with the letter L

Just an update to those following my progress with the letters and health. I'm taking the night off as I'm absolutely beat. I had a follow up appointment today, along with blood work-thought everything was within the norm when I left the hospital however I got a call at home tonight saying that among other things my white blood cell count is so low they want to monitor me more closely and that I am to take my temperature often to make sure it does not go above 37.5. So I'm back to the hospital tomorrow and for the next few days for more blood work to make sure I'm okay.

On a good note, we went to my daughter Alexandra's Christmas Recital tonight-she sang beautifully-my other excuse for not posting tonight. Robert also comes home tonight or early tomorrow morning from basic training we expect his bus to come in at about 5am. No I'm not going to go get him however, Sean and Marc will. I'll see him when I get up-or when he gets up after his night of traveling.

See you all tomorrow, and thank you again for the support, prayers and thoughts of getting better.


  1. Good to see you took the night off. I will pray that you will have good health and wisdom for the doctors that are taking care of you. Enjoy your son's homecoming.

  2. Please just relax take care of yourself and enjoy having your family home for Christmas. The rest will fall into place when you feel better.

  3. Even though I check your blog daily, please get well soon. Spend the quality time now with your family. They deserve it as well as you!!!