Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grade Five Paper Freebie

Well the retainer stayed in all night although I did wake up a few times during the night because of it. Hopefully I get use to it quickly as I was ready for a nap by noon and when I did get home I did have a short nap. Hopefully the nap does not affect my sleeping tonight.

I spoke about some pens the other day...for anyone interested I buy them from Rachel & Brian at Goulet Pens. The customer service they provide is excellent and they have been so very helpful anytime I have had questions.

So tonight's freebie are the Grade 5 Papers, please enjoy them. I have also included a link for the one Jr. Kindergarten paper that was missing from the original zip file.

Created at 300 dpi, in .jpeg format in a .zip file
Grade Five Papers Expired

Download Jr.Kindergarten missing paper here


  1. Thnaks for the Freebies! - LianeZ

  2. Thank you for the grade 5 papers. I don't know what it is but I really just enjoy the papers with the different styled wordings on them. I Think they are so cool.