Monday, February 25, 2013

This Year-Boy February Element Freebie (24 hours only)

Posting just a little late this morning so I'll leave this post up a little later tomorrow as well.  It was a lovely weekend here. I managed to get the house clean, spend some time relaxing and reading and watching Star Trek on Netflix along with another show called Medium. 

So today's freebie are the boy Elements for the month of February.  If you don't know already, when I include a person in my kits, there are five skin and hair variations of that person. The Element packs as well are not all similar either.  Each pack for the month of February will include similar items in each but many different items as well.  I hope you enjoy them and Jls, I'll take into consideration your suggestion of day/monthly items to include in the element packs.  Thank you.

***Sorry Link Expired***
Item can still be found here at IvyScraps


  1. Thank you; looks like some great items. I especially like the ticket, square clip, balloons, rocks, ...well, I guess I like this kit ;-D

  2. Luv the clip just gotta figure out how to use it THANK YOU ;~}