Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This Year-Girl January Alpha Freebie (24 hours only)

Well, instead of spending a miserable weekend at home missing my boyfriend, I decided after spending Saturday alone that I was just going to take matters into my own hands and at 2am Sunday morning I took the bus down to Toronto, where he picked me up at 7AM before driving back to his place in Cobourg.  You know what....it was worth it!  The fight we had this week, he apologized for and for taking things out on me this week.  He isn't perfect but he was definitely worth the sleepless night to get to spend one day/night with him.
Anyway, to make up for not posting this past weekend, I'll post something every day this week to play catch up....I'm sure you won't mind.  I'll try to have the new item up by 9AM.  Today, I'm posting the This Year-Girl January Alpha. 

Two complete alpha's, upper and lower case, numbers and some punctuation.
***Sorry Link Expired***
Item can still be found here at IvyScraps for $1.25


  1. Congrats on the making up...Fighting really stinks but oh the making up well need I saw more....lol I think thats why me & mine argue and we`ve been together 28 years!!!! THANK YOU for this Alpha but why are the white alphas shown they were also shown on the boy alpha and they did`nt dl with it either hummm just thought Id ask ya...