Monday, February 4, 2013

This Year-Girl January Paper Freebie (24 hours only)

Well, here is the second installment of my This Year series of kits.  I hope everyone likes the papers I handed out Saturday.  I'm thinking that it may be easier for me to post first thing in the mornings as I have a bit of quiet time at work during the week and same on weekends. 
I spent Saturday morning with my son Marc and his Girlfriend Caitlin finish up packing up his bedroom as he left around 2PM to go visit his Dad and Stepmom before they head of to Thailand on Valentines Day.  I'm hoping they take lots of pictures over the next few months and email them to me.  I'm sure they will have an amazing time.  They hope to venture into India and China as well before coming home in July.  Wouldn't it be nice to just drop everything and just take off like that?  No major worries or baggage like a house or mortgage, car payments etc to tie you down.  Oh to be young again..... (...mind you, I kind of like being older and more mature!)
So, here are your papers, I hope you enjoy them.  If you missed Saturdays freebie, This Year-Boy January Papers you can find them at Ivy Scraps here

6 .jpeg papers at 300 dpi.
This Year-Girl-January Papers 1
***Sorry Link Expired***
Item can be found here at Ivy Scraps

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