Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This Year-Neutral January Element Freebie (24 hours only)

I know, my post is a little late this morning.  I worked late last night and when I got home after a 14 hour day... I was exhausted.  Its going to be another long day here as today is my 16 hour day....but I may just have to cut that short as I'm not sure I can handle that tonight and another 14 hour day tomorrow. 
So, I thought I had a date this weekend with Sean who is in Trenton and I have a long weekend but turns out he is just going to stay home so last night on my way home I decided to buy $35 worth of Chocolate to drown my sorrows in this week and weekend.  I had second thoughts about all that chocolate this morning and brought some to work and am hoping my daughter Alex eats most of it... ha ha ha.
If you have missed the previous freebies, you can find them here at IvyScraps.  I've posted the Frebruary Papers, Elements and Alpha to the store in case you didn't want to wait.

Elements have been re-sized to fit the preview and drop shadow's
added for demonstration purposes only.

***Sorry Link Expired***
Item can still be found here at IvyScraps for $1.25


  1. Thank you! Chocolate is my antidepressant of choice... Know what you mean, sorry.

  2. Ok leason learnt CraftCrave always posts ALL your cuties the day after the dl is available...It now will become a habit for me to come here EVERYDAY to look at your site for myself ;~} I am now a stalker (follower) of yours....