Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Posting late again today as I have been absolutely swamped at work and doing double duty at my second job as my son has been sick and I've been cleaning on my own.  I didn't get home from work till 11:45pm last night.  LONG LONG day!  Tonight though, I'm off so I'll go home and clean my kitchen, make dinner, then scrap the rest of the evening.  I hope to have a special iPad QP for Crystalva as she told her son she would let him have the pet Guinea Pig or Hamster once she found scrapbook items of either.  HA HA HA.... be careful how you word promises ladies! 
Enjoy today's papers and I'll see you all again tomorrow with the iPad QP and Friday with the Neutral March Papers.
***Sorry Link Expired***
Item can still be found at IvyScraps Store


  1. Nathalie you`re so funny ....Thank You ;~} for these papers .Now that Spring Break from school has officially started today Im gonna try to do some/a page a day.I think for me what takes me forever to do a page is going into my EHD and then its like winning the lotto and while oooh`n & aaah`n I forget all the items I was looking for at the time...EHD is the best thing anybody could ever have Im getting ready to buy another external..

  2. I wish I could figure out when you are posting the pages. I missed the last two. I came by yesterday only to find the Boy papers had expired and now I come by today and the Girl papers have already expired. :(