Saturday, March 23, 2013

This Year-Neutral Corrugated Cardboard Freebie (24 hours only)

Its been a busy morning already, I've been up for over an hour and I have my grocery list ready for shopping, dishwasher emptied, showed my spare room to a student I'm hoping to rent to, and kitchen tidied and ready for the floor to be washed (but after I make the cookies)
As promised here are the Neutral Corrugated Cardboard papers, I hope you enjoy them.  I'll be back Monday (maybe tomorrow depending on my day/evening) with the March Papers.  Enjoy!
***Sorry Link Expired***


  1. Im just now getting into the grove laundry started I hate my new washer (he`s a jerk), Kitchen my poor floor wooden you can see all mud prints (red clay) and glistening dust on it ...Dish washer is having issues today it "he" (I call everything a he that im having problems with it just fits in every catagory in my book probably cause Im mad at my on the bright side dinner is crocking away & I found som`ore great papersfrom you soooooo THANK YOU ;~} as always ...

  2. Ha Ha Ha, be careful being mad at your husband, he may learn the tick of going through the kitchen and tightening every jar/lid there is, then you'll be the one saying...."Honey, Sweetheart, can you open this for me please?" Ha ha ha