Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Year-Girl Solid Paper Freebie (24 hours only)

It has been a busy day already.  Was up bright and early to change the sheets, make the bed, take the dog out and head into work this morning.  Sean is coming home for the rest of March Break and even thought I'm working all day and at my cleaning job tonight, I'm still anxious to see him.  I have tons of things to do while he is here, but hopefully we can do some of those things make bread, cookies and muffins this weekend and I'm hoping we can get out for a winter picnic.
Alexandra came home with her Graduation Proof's on the weekend... oh my goodness!!! I can hardly wait till we get them without the word Proof written all over them to share with you. She is so beautiful and grown up. I can't believe she is only 17.... I think she looks like she should be graduating College or University but Yikes!!!! are they ever expensive to order!  

What do you think?  Almost makes me want to cry, she is the baby of the family!  So here are the This Year-Girl Solid Papers.  I hope you enjoy the nice soft colours.

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  1. Daughters picture is BEAUTIFUL !!! THANK YOU :~} for the girl papers they are great...

  2. Oh I also ment to tell ya hope you enjoy your Sean time ;~}