Friday, March 22, 2013

This Year-Girl Corrugated Cardboard Freebie (24 Hours Only)

First off, since I was so busy at work yesterday and didn't have time to post I will be posting again tomorrow-Saturday!  I'd like to thank everyone for the nice comments they have left since I started this series.  I appreciate it as it does take hours to create each portion of these kits. 
I'm excited to start posting March's Papers, Elements and Alpha as I think they will be popular with many people not just those with kids.  Hint as to the theme of the Elements....many people have them and they treat them just like children.
I do like the texture of corrugated cardboard and find it easy to incorporate into layouts either as a background, layered paper or even clipped to a shape within the layout.  I hope you find many uses for these papers.

***Sorry Link Expired***
Item can still be found here at IvyScraps


  1. HeHeHe "Bow-Wow & Mee-oww" cant wait ...My son wants a guinea pig/ hamster which is equal to a RAT to me ... I told him Id get him one when I found scrapbooking items about them LOL...Im hoping this will pass trust me I really am because you know who`s gonna wined up taking care of the lil varmint.....THANK YOU ;~} for this great paper today it`s really an "ohhh & ahhhhh" moment when I see a dl available on your site ;~}

  2. Ha Ha Ha, this house currently has two ferets, a pit bull, has seen simese cats, rat, hamster, bird, fish, lizard and sugar glidders.....have I missed any kids?