Friday, March 1, 2013

This Year-Neutral February Element Freebie (24 hours only)

Happy Friday everyone.  I''m looking forward to my weekend as I should have a quiet one with my daughter working all weekend and my son and his GF moving into their own apartment.  They were suppose to go to Thailand however they had everything go wrong that could go wrong from luggage stolen, and the person doing their bank transfer-a bank employee (as they opened up a joint account at a different bank for this trip) decided to transfer all $30,000.  into his pocket.  Thankfully the money is insured and they will get it back but it may take up to two months for that to happen.  Luckily they discovered their money was gone two days before they got there and cancelled their trip.  Plane tickets and condo deposit was refundable as they got insurance.   Lucky them for that small saving grace.  So home they came and both managed to find jobs within a couple days so off they go to their own place.  I've cleaned out my kitchen for them with extra kitchen ware, bake ware and yes even groceries.... Mom's!!!
So I hope you enjoy today's freebie... I love the cherub.  Like I mentioned before if there are any people in the kits, I'll have five skin and hair variations of that person and that includes the cherub.  I'd love to see what you are creating with my kits as I notice many people are taking advantage of the free downloads.

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