Monday, March 4, 2013

This Year-Boy February Alpha Freebie, Fixing a Mistake..... (24 hours only)

I just realized as I was looking at my files that when I shared the January Alpha that I only included the download for the Glitter Alpha.  I didn't clue in that the second alpha pictured was not in the same zip I have included the link below for it as well.  I'm very sorry that I didn't clue in, I guess that's why I didn't understand some of the comments looking forward to the white on white alpha being offered. 
I hope you enjoy February's Alpha and don't forget to grab all three downloads today.

***Sorry Link Expired***

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  1. I had asked about the alphas before they are all glitter.. Sorry that I had missed this dl yesterday even though I had been checking I missed it how can ya miss 24 hrs when I check everyday? So were the white on white alphas included in this last dl?

    1. Yes Chrstainva they were included and if you check this week, the missing downloads for the Girl and Neutral Alpha will be posted as well.