Friday, March 15, 2013

This Year-Neutral Solid Papers Freebie (24 hours only)

My week has been busy with working my two jobs and then Sean telling me he was coming up on Wednesday instead of Thursday this week.  This meant that Tuesday after working and going to Meeting and getting home at 10:15PM I had to tidy up a little bit at home, not that there was much to do with just Alexandra and I at home but things I didn't want to have to do while he was up vacuum, clean the bathrooms, and wash the floors.  So far, we are having a nice visit and since our kitchen garbage disposal IS broken, not just jammed, he took it out and made our sink a regular sink.  I don't mind as garbage disposals are not good for the environment and requires the cities to treat the water with more chemicals.  Our weekend plans include a movie either tonight or Saturday, a winter picnic Saturday afternoon, and dinner at my son's place Sunday night.  Sounds like we will have time to relax and have some fun. 
So today's freebie are the solid papers for the This Year-Neutral Series of Kits.  I see many people downloading the kits but I'm not seeing any layouts or many comments.  Feel free to leave me suggestions, or links to your galleries with your layouts.

***Sorry Link Expired***
Item can still be found at IvyScraps


  1. Ya know I just gonna type this I know Im not the only one dl`n your BEAUTIFUL creations ..Where`s everybody and their THANK YOU`s .I THANK YOU ;`] for these GREAT papers...

  2. I'm lovin' these yummy papers! Thank you for sharing so generously.

  3. Thank you so very much for sharing your talents. I have enjoyed collecting this series, sorry I haven't commented until now. I haven't used any of it yet but will soon. I will try to remember to post layouts for you to see. Once again thank you for your generosity.