Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Aniversary & A Freebie

Today is the anniversary of Sean's and My First Date. We met four years ago when my daughter Alexandra informed me she wanted to spend a night in a hotel because she had never stayed in one that she could remember. So her and I packed it up and thanks to a girlfriend of mine who worked at a hotel, we got a room at a Travelodge.

There was a pool there and on Sunday morning Alex went swimming and lo and behold, there was this really cute guy but he was with a couple of kids. (Married I thought) However in talking to him he made a point of commenting on how he was taking the kids home to his ex wife. I thought about giving him my phone number as I had discovered he was going to be in town all week but did not really want to do that in front of my daughter or his kids. As we were leaving the pool area, Alex took his room key card thinking it was ours. This started another conversation as we headed up the stairs to the second floor... turns out his room was right next to ours.

As I was packing up our belongings, I kept thinking of Sean and how great he had been at the pool with the kids. I considered calling him but decided that I would leave a note at the front desk for when he returned from dropping his kids off.

I did not hear from Sean until Thursday. At this point I had almost forgotten about him...(almost). I guess all week his phone was flashing this red light indicating messages waiting, and he kept checking it only to discover there were no messages, until Thursday he decided to call the front desk to find out why his phone was flashing. He called, was told he must have phone messages to which he told the lady at the front desk he had already checked and there were no messages and hung up. A few seconds later she called Sean and told him there was a letter at the front desk for him.

He called, we had a great first date... and here we are four years latter looking forward to at least another 30.

Okay, so on to the freebie so I can get back to my aniversary.

These are individual png files created at 300dpi in a zip'd file
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Enjoy your evening.

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