Friday, October 10, 2008

Part 1 of a Freebie

I had to take a night away from the almost ended up being two nights however. Last night I was just not feeling well, tired mostly as I haven't been sleeping the best as I'm adjusting to Sean being away. Tonight, well I was at the dentist at 4pm and you know how those things go, especially since I've put it off for so long and I knew I had a cavity. OUCH! My dentist is great though I shouldn't complain I just hate going. I got home from that and had to take a nap due to all the trauma though, my face is a little sore due to where the cavity was... yes at the very, very back.

If you haven't seen my little blurb on your left about ArtsCow, I suggest you look them up. I signed up today and I'm loving the idea of a printed photo book and free prints just for joining which is also free. They also print scrapbook pages 8x8 starting at $1.99 each and 12x12 at $2.99 each or less depending on how many pages you end up printing. If you haven't looked yet, check them out they do photo books and much much more.

Tonight's freebie is part one of my DSO October Colour Challenge. Hope you enjoy.

Items were created at 300dpi, in .png format (except the paper) and are in a zip'd folder.

****Sorry Link Expired****

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  1. Love the heritage feel you got with the colours! AWESOME!
    And congratulation girl. Wishing you all the best in your new venture.

    Thanks for sharing this with us