Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quick Page Freebie

I've been trying to complete a scrapbook for my Best Friend who got married in May using her wedding pictures so that I can create not only a scrapbook for her but a DVD using the scrapbook pages. I thought it would be nice to send to her Maid of Honour and her Parents. Its been slow going but I think I'm on a roll. Therefore tonights Freebie will be the first page I created for Mary & Ryan for you to use for your own Wedding Story.

I have to hurry to get these done as I have to get a head start on the Baby Album I'm going to have to create next. Yes I'm going to be "Auntie Nathalie" I'm so excited for them, I just hope Mary is feeling better soon as she is experiencing morning sickness and I miss our Saturday Morning Breakfasts together and shopping spree's.

Here is a preview of tonights Freebie... tell me what you really think, as I'm open to suggestions... who knows, maybe I'll send you the link to another page of this album if you do submit your suggestions just remember to include your e-mail, or send message directly to my hotmail account which is

The Gold Frame is part of my new frame set which will be available in a couple of days, I'll keep you posted.
As always files were created at 300dpi, 1 .png Quick Page, in a zip'd folder
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