Saturday, October 18, 2008

Whoo Hoo & A Freebie of course

Okay, I'm very excited today after a rotten day yesterday.

Lets start with what happened yesterday.....I went and grabbed lunch at a sub shop here in town and within about an hour I was feeling very sick so Lise boss suggests I go home. I was riding my electric scooter home and as my luck would have it don't I get pulled over by a cop. He asked me for my license and registration and my drivers license. As I handed him my drivers license (for a car) I told him that I wasn't trying to be a smart ass or anything, but my scooter, was actually a power assisted bicycle and I didn't need a license or registration for it. (I waited for the hasstle because my son and husband were both given a difficult time when they were pulled over). So as I'm sitting 30 feet from my driveway ready to hurl my lunch, back he comes and tells me he hadn't seen one of these before asks me lots of questions about it and takes a look at the ministry of transportation sticker. All I can think of is "Please Lord, don't let me hurl now as he is bent over looking at this sticker on my bike". He was very courteous and polite and told me he had pulled me over because I was wearing a bicycle helmet and thought I needed a motorcycle helmet on the scooter. (I don't)

I went home, threw up, put the bike away, got sick again.... went to bed and got up a little later in the evening. Went to bed early though and slept until 1:30pm. I was just drained!

So today... Whoo hooo... I'm at a new store Digital Scrapin Designs and was in their newsletter that came out today which you can read here AND I'm lucky enough to work right next to "Two Girls & A Scrapbook Shoppe" and they have added the link to my blog on the left hand side of their page under "digi scraps". Thank you so much Leslie!

Tonight freebie, which I know you have been waiting for is going to be part of my next kit I upload to the store. I've named it Memories because it reminds me so much of my Grandmother, I was thinking of doing a few layouts about her and her life.

Here is the preview.... let me know what you think, I truly enjoy reading your thoughts, idea's and suggestions.

Drop Shadows are not included! For preview purpose only!

Items created at 300 dpi, png format (except paper-jpeg) in a zip'd folder

Please download here
****Sorry Link Expired****

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